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"Show Choir! - The Musical

is a completely entertaining experience, and a wonderful example of having one's cake

and eating it too...

The show is hip, modern."

- Lisa Ferber of

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"An explosion of silver sequins

and jazz hands,

Show Choir! - The Musical

is an effervescent,

high kicking delight."

- Amy Krivohlavek of

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Five Stars!
"I absolutely loved this show.
This musical is fun, frivolous and hugely entertaining
and it is sure to bring a smile

to even a hardened grimace.”

- Graeme Sharpe of Broadway Baby

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"BOTTOM LINE: Show Choir is a fun and pizzaz-y musical with a huge cast of talented performers."

- Nancy Kelly of Theatre Is Easy

“Catchy songs with

amusing lyrics...

a high standard production”

- Julia Hogg of UK logo

“Catchy songs with

amusing lyrics...

a high standard production”

- Julia Hogg of

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Four Stars!
"A witty and tuneful score...

a hugely enjoyable show"

- Keith Paterson of What's On Stage

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Four Stars!
"The choreography is sharp,

the singing is marvelous, and the laughs come thick and fast.”

- Carmody Williams of HeraldScotland

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"With a huge cast filling the stage singing and dancing with attitude, shot-out-of-a-cannon energy, and matching sequined costumes making everything vaguely Vegas and completely sweetly Pow!"

- Rob Lester of Edge Media Network

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Four Stars!
"You'll be humming the words to the title track long after you've left the theatre!”

- Rory Halperin of Time Out New York

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"Entertainingly camp...
Show Choir! - The Musical is fun.

Infectiously perky"

- Andrew Bell of ThreeWeeks

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Four Stars!
"An absolutely hilarious parody of a musical, full of brilliant one-liners. It's a Fame for this generation,
taking what Glee has done and creating a musical with real talent and no auto-tuning.”

- Paul Virides of Broadway Baby

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Four Stars!
"This production isn't so much high energy as nuclear Armageddon,
a non-stop parade of character-based gags and numbers.”

- Martin Gray of

“Catchy songs with

amusing lyrics...

a high standard production”

- Julia Hogg of UK logo

"A wonderfully
sparkling treat."

- Kevin Sherwin of BroadwayWorld

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"Hold on to your stage fedoras and tap shoes,

because you are in for a ride with this one...

Show Choir really offers a lot -

stick with it for the plot twists and turns,

and just sit back and let yourself enjoy.”

- Brad Proctor of Logo TV

Five Stars!
"The singing and harmonies are sensational, direction and choreography tight and slick,
and the characterizations spot on... an excellent ensemble piece.”

- Alan of One4Review

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"Cheekily cheesy...
a real crowd-pleaser!"

- Eva Heinemann of Hi! Drama on MNN logo

"Up With People meets Spinal Tap!

Campy fun."

- Jack Quinn via Twitter - Theater Scene

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