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Four members of cast of the 2016 Winnipeg Studio Theatre production of Show Choir! - The Musical perform "Number One, Too" around a microphone

Show Choir! - The Music

Album Credits


Jake Jonathan -

Monica Susans -

Rich Cantore -
Character Actor - 

Character Actress -

Announcer - 

Karen Noha - 

Janelle Solomon -

Amber Cohen -

Sean Everett -

Austin Peterson -

Millie McNichols -

Sabrina Turner -

Dave Stone -

Rajiv Imani -

Melissa Sparing -

Tracey Thompson -

Dru Peterson -

Ensemble -

Piano & Synth:
Vocal Percussion / Beatboxing:

Assaf Gleizner
Koby Hayon
Nadav Snir Zelniker
Mandibul aka Mark Martin

Broadway's Kevin Duda and Christiane Noll star in Mark McDaniels and onald Garverick's Show Choir! - The Musical 2015 Studio Cast Album

Production Credits

Musical Direction:
Recording Engineer:
Mixing and Mastering:

Sound Street Productions
Wojcik/Seay Casting
Kenneth Gartman
Assaf Gleizner
Assaf Gleizner
Marc Hallisey

Available for purchase and streaming at:

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  • Spotify
  • YouTube

Track List - Act I

Track List - Act II

Kevin Duda recording "Jake's Soliloquy" from Show Choir! - The Musical
Donald Garverick, Christiane Noll, and Mark McDaniels in the recording studio with Show Choir! - The Musical
A collage of eight photographs featuring the cast of the 2015 Studio Cast Album of Show Choir! - The Musical in rehearsals and in the recording studio.
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