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Four members of cast of the 2016 Winnipeg Studio Theatre production of Show Choir! - The Musical perform "Number One, Too" around a microphone

Show Choir! - The Music

Album Credits


Jake Jonathan -

Monica Susans -

Rich Cantore -
Character Actor - 

Character Actress -

Announcer - 

Karen Noha - 

Janelle Solomon -

Amber Cohen -

Sean Everett -

Austin Peterson -

Millie McNichols -

Sabrina Turner -

Dave Stone -

Rajiv Imani -

Melissa Sparing -

Tracey Thompson -

Dru Peterson -

Ensemble -

Kevin Duda

Christiane Noll

Stuart Williams
John Raymond Barker

Michelle Millerick

Stuart Williams

Julie Galorenzo

Shira Elias

Carly Kincannon

Bay Bryan

Joshua Lance Dixon

Julie Galorenzo

Tegan Miller

Tony Ponella

Adam Ross Glickman

Taylor Corriell

Aubyn Peterson

Mark Martin aka Mandibul

Tegan Miller
Tony Ponella
Aubyn Peterson
Mark McDaniels
Kenneth Gartman


Piano & Synth:
Vocal Percussion / Beatboxing:

Assaf Gleizner
Koby Hayon
Nadav Snir Zelniker
Mandibul aka Mark Martin

Broadway's Kevin Duda and Christiane Noll star in Mark McDaniels and onald Garverick's Show Choir! - The Musical 2015 Studio Cast Album

Production Credits

Musical Direction:
Recording Engineer:
Mixing and Mastering:

Sound Street Productions
Wojcik/Seay Casting
Kenneth Gartman
Assaf Gleizner
Assaf Gleizner
Marc Hallisey

Available for purchase and streaming at:

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  • Spotify
  • YouTube

Track List - Act I

Track List - Act II

Kevin Duda recording "Jake's Soliloquy" from Show Choir! - The Musical
Donald Garverick, Christiane Noll, and Mark McDaniels in the recording studio with Show Choir! - The Musical
A collage of eight photographs featuring the cast of the 2015 Studio Cast Album of Show Choir! - The Musical in rehearsals and in the recording studio.
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