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Casting Announced for Show Choir! - The Musical at NYMF

Casting has been announced for Show Choir! – The Musical, which will be presented Sept. 28-Oct. 11 at American Theatre of Actors, as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival. Gary Slavin will direct a cast featuring Zi Alikhan, Kyle G. Bailey, Jarad Benn, Mick Bonde, Leigh Ellen Caudill, Hannah Corrigan, Lynn Craig, Kara DeYoe, Shira Elias, John Farchione, Julie Galorenzo, Jenn Zarine Habeck, Andrew Holder, William Goulet Keane, Amy Linden, Steve Luker, Neal Mayer, Michelle Millerick, Macaela C. Sears, Rachel Sussman and Don Whitmore.

The show features book, music and lyrics by Mark McDaniels and Donald Garverick. Slavin and Garverick will co-choreograph the show and Kenneth Gartman will provide musical direction.

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