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The cast of the 2012 American Conservatory Theatre - San Francisco's Young People's Conservatory production of f Show Choir! - The Musical performing "The Symphonic Sensations Super Bowl Half-Time Show." Dressed in sparkly blue costumes, the choir raises their arms above their heads with full jazz hands as confetti falls from above.

"An explosion of silver sequins and jazz hands,
Show Choir! - The Musical is an effervescent,

high-kicking delight"

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A melodious mockumentary about
America's favorite teen pastime...

with jazz hands!

Book, Music, and Lyrics by:
Mark McDaniels and Donald Garverick

The cast of the 2010 New York Musical Theatre Festival production of Show Choir! - The Musical performs "Love at First Sight" featuring Jenn Zarine Habeck, Julie Galorenzo, Shira Elias, William Goulet Keane, Kara DeYoe Curtis, Zi Alikhan, Hannah Corrigan, Don Whitmore, Kyle G Bailey, and John Farchione. They are dressed in simple blue and white costumes.

"A witty and tuneful score... a hugely enjoyable show"

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The cast of the 2016 Winnipeg Studio Theatre's production of Show CHoir! - The Musical performs "The Symphonic Sensations Super Bowl Half Time Show." The cast is dressed in gold and black costumes with their right arms pointing diagonally upwards.

"Hold on to your stage fedoras and tap shoes, because you are in for a ride with this one... Show Choir really offers a lot - Stick with it for the plot twists and turns, and just sit back and let yourself enjoy.”

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Show Choir! - The Musical is available for Professional, Amateur, and Streaming Licensing via Broadway Licensing Stage Rights
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